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When the temperatures soar, there’s only one thing that keeps your sanity and cuts you off from the brutal heat – and that’s an air conditioner.  Used in almost every household and commercial space in Fort Lauderdale, FL area, ACs have become an integral part of our lives – one that keeps us cool, comfortable and composed at all times. Imagine one fine day, when you’ve just spent a day in the sunny weather and are looking forward to nothing but the cool and cozy comfort of your home, that you uncover an AC breakdown. Besides exposing you to hot, muddy and humid conditions prevalent here, such operational issues can invite heavy repairs, setting you back by several bucks. A little foresight can save you a world of trouble and expenses, and that’s where Fort Lauderdale AC Pros comes in.

Surviving the rough summers without a functional AC to keep up your home’s comfort is impossible, and that’s why you need an AC service expert to keep it working at all times. As a leading AC service company, we’ve been helping both commercial and residential clients keep their air conditioning systems in trim condition, and assisting them with prompt service in case of repairs and breakdowns.  Be it carrying out compressor repairs on the most complex of AC system to something as simple as a refrigerant refill on a split air conditioner, our helpline 954-357-0110 is open 24/7 to answer a wide range of service requests.


We’re quite choosy when it comes to clothes or picking up the latest smartphone, yet when it comes to hiring an AC expert, all the immaculate attention to detail takes the sidelines. We’re okay with just anything, but let us tell you this: when it comes to AC services, ‘okay’ is never enough. Do your homework before you choose an air conditioning partner, otherwise, you might find yourself overpaying someone for a basic task or paying up for substandard work.  Never make compromises when it comes to your air conditioner, because it’s too heavy an investment to mess around with. Always choose the best, a company with a solid reputation to boot and a phenomenal track record – a company like Fort Lauderdale AC Pros.


Being good is one thing, but being the best demands a lot more than skill, talent and hard work – it demands commitment and a service-oriented mindset that unfortunately many companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL area have failed to cultivate. In over two decades of our service, we’ve never settled for anything less than the best, striving at every step of the way to get better and better and consistently improve our services, to make sure what we deliver remains unmatched in terms of value for money.


  • Innovation:

Not someone to settle for less, we infuse innovation into everything we do, aiming to evolve our techniques, improve our work methodology and stay a step ahead of industry advancements.

  • Timeliness:

Delays are unacceptable, especially when there’s a family or a workforce facing the brunt of a broken air conditioner. We deliver the service you need – and at the time you need.

  • Expertise:

We bring to the table an enriched experience spanning over 20 years, and outstanding technical proficiency that enables us to get the job done fast, and in the right manner.

  • Availability:

9 to 5 is so passé! We refuse to conform to standard timings, choosing instead to work 24/7 to cater to our client base and help in case of emergencies or overnight installations.Fort Lauderdale AC Pros Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-357-0110

You can call us for:

  • Home and business AC installation
  • Repairs, servicing and maintenance
  • Design and setup
  • Emergency call outs
  • Recommendations on new ACs
  • The best of products at competitive prices
  • Quality spares and replacements


Anyone can claim to offer superior customer service and provide AC services in Fort Lauderdale, FL area at the best prices, but with us, it doesn’t come down to meaningless words, rather our actions define who we are. Highly sought after by an esteemed client base including reputed businesses, hotels, data centers, and residential owners; our exceptional service delivery has proven that we’re truly #1!

Unbeatable service, unbeatable benefits at unbeatable prices! Keep your cool by calling Fort Lauderdale AC Pros at 954-357-0110!

We provide service in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County