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Any business, in any part of Fort Lauderdale, FL area, has one common need – and that’s a functional air conditioning system to keep the property and its inhabitants cool and comfortable. Considering the hot and humid summers we need to endure, a lot of your business’ success rides on the back of an AC that keeps your workforce at its productive best. Facing an AC failure mid-afternoon is the last thing you’d expect to bring a screeching halt to regular business operations and installing the wrong sized air conditioner will leave you with a hefty electricity bill each month. That’s why when it comes to commercial ACs, you always need special consideration for installation, maintenance and repairs. If your business’ comfort and efficiency matters, then you need to rope in specialists in handling commercial HVAC systems – hire Fort Lauderdale AC Pros!

With a phenomenal reputation and a massive client base comprising warehouses, IT companies, institutions, offices, multiplexes and more, our number 954-357-0110 has become the single point of contact for a majority of commercial establishments in the region.


While it all comes down to keeping a space cool and comfortable, ACs deployed in commercial and residential properties are not the same and have major differences such as:

  1. Size: The major difference stems from the size and the amount of power consumed. The units deployed in commercial spaces generally need to cool large areas, plus also compensate for the extra heat from the people in the workspace. Sizing for a commercial space thus demands a special level of technical skill.
  2. Complexity: ACs have never been simple, and when it comes to the systems deployed in commercial spaces, the complexity takes on a whole new level. From the ductwork to setting up the right outlets, unraveling the baffling complexity of a large commercial air conditioner is no amateur’s game.
  3. Cost: Right from the sizing, to the mechanism to the drainage system implemented, the entire layout of an air conditioning setup varies. While investing in a residential AC is no less of an investment, investing in functional commercial AC setup traversing through all its complexities can invite heavy costs.

These major differences are best understood by a trained specialist, who has substantial experience in handling commercial HVAC systems of all sizes and scales. Find such experts at Fort Lauderdale AC Pros!


Consultation: At the end of the day, you want to keep your business’ environment at the right comfort level and make sure every employee finds his/her cool working in the space. A properly sized AC would mean that your establishment is under powered and an extra large system would mean you incur heavy energy bills for nothing. Choose us for consultation and push your worries about finding the perfect fit aside.

Installation: From the largest of centralized AC system to a network of split ACs throughout your establishment, we can manage installations of all scales and can carry it out within an expedited timeframe. We factor in the property’s insulation, plan out the ductwork, keep aesthetics in mind, while ensuring that efficiency remains maximum once installed.

Repairs and maintenance: Fort Lauderdale AC Pros provides flexible maintenance plans designed for special commercial HVAC needs. In addition, we run a 24/7 service that prioritizes emergencies in a commercial premise to provide swift repairs and solutions. Any time you experience AC trouble, you can always count on us to restore your business’ cool and comfort.

If you’re on the lookout for expert-delivered commercial HVAC services in Fort Lauderdale, FL area, then 954-357-0110 is the number you must call!