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Nothing is predictable, and life has a reputation of throwing up unexpected and sometimes, unpleasant surprises at us. While the warm, sunny weather is something we’ve grown attached to in Fort Lauderdale, FL area, it’s our air conditioners that help us wade through the highs and lows and keep us comfortable at all times. So imagine coming back home one fine day, and discovering that your AC isn’t working. You didn’t predict that it would happen, you were extra cautious to not over work your AC and made sure you never missed out on a maintenance check – but it happened anyway!

While predicting whether your AC will run smoothly throughout the summer months is impossible, being prepared however is definitely possible. What you need is an AC service firm that will heed your emergency request at once and rush to the spot to fix the mess – what you need is Fort Lauderdale AC Pros. Make one phone call to us on 954-357-0110 and we’ll be there to get you out of the mess in no time.


Residential premises:

Your home is your haven, the one place where you can be comfortable, unwind and relax. Now imagine running into AC trouble in the middle of the night. We know it can be any home owner’s worst nightmare to find their AC not working, especially during odd hours, when there’s no AC service around to help you. We understand our clients’ predicament and make sure we respond to client calls in less than 15-20 minutes. Our service experts are always on standby and will make sure your AC is up and running again.

Commercial spaces:

Any business needs a robust air conditioner system to keep its workforce comfortable. With innumerable cubicles being squeezed in a small space, it’s next to impossible to work without an air conditioner. We understand what an AC breakdown can mean for your business – it means a frustrated, unproductive workforce and loss of business revenue. Finding the right skill to fix up complex commercial HVAC systems might not be an easy task, particularly in an emergency, but we at Fort Lauderdale AC Pros can handle it! We have a 24/7 team of commercial HVAC service experts available and assure swift resolution to ensure there’s no business downtime.


We’re on time:

It’s called ‘emergency’ for a reason – and we know delays on the part of an AC service can have far greater ramifications than imagined. Whether you run a business or need immediate repairs at home, you can count on us to reach you, anywhere in Fort Lauderdale, FL area in less than 15 minutes.

We know it all:

Trust us when we say this: we know it all! So, even if you want us to fix your compressor, replace a busted capacitor or fix the thermostat control, we have the wherewithal to handle any kind of problem on a 24-hour basis.

We charge you right:

Running a 24-hour service isn’t easy, and those that do make up for it by levying added charges on customers. Our efficient work model is designed to eliminate the burden on the consumer. With a flat rate charged whether it is 2 pm or 2 pm, you never have to worry about being overcharged again.


  • We can install ACs overnightFort Lauderdale AC Pros Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-357-0110
  • Respond to request for repairs
  • Address sudden AC breakdowns
  • Arrange alternatives in case of non-salvageable ACs
  • Refrigerant refill
  • Fix leaks in ducts
  • Carry out maintenance beyond business hours

And more

If your air conditioner has given up on you, know that Fort Lauderdale AC Pros would never give up on delivering prompt, timely and reliable assistance. Ring us up on 954-357-0110 and hire an emergency AC service expert now!