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Admit it; you’re probably among the thousands who let their ACs run non-stop! Considering the warm and humid climate that represents Fort Lauderdale, FL area, this comes as no surprise. While air conditioners are engineered to withstand heavy usage, they’re not entirely invincible. You’re bound to run into operational issues from time to time that warrant the need for immediate repairs. Imagine braving the sweltering temperatures without an AC to keep you cool. Sounds impossible, right? We, at Fort Lauderdale AC Pros, understand just how important these systems are, and have set up a dedicated division comprising of trained experts who can fix just about any air conditioner and get it running again. So, if your AC is emitting loud noises or has stopped working altogether, 954-357-0110 is the number you need to call.


Wish there was an AC in the market that ran eternally without a hitch, but there isn’t! Even the most robust system is bound to give up at some point. However, there’s a way you can minimize the chances of repairs and extend the life of your air conditioner – and that is through regular maintenance. While most believe that spending on regular maintenance is a wasted expenditure, we beg to differ! In fact, timely maintenance has shown to reduce the chances of failure and prevents expensive repairs. While you do need to spend over a maintenance plan, the sum pales in comparison to what you’d shell out in case of a break down or a major repair.


Every air conditioner comes with its expiry date beyond which no amount of repairs will manage to revive it. But if your AC service company asks you replace the unit prematurely, it should send alarm bells ringing right away! Most malfunctioning systems can be salvaged, compressors can be fixed and normal operation can be restored. Replacement isn’t the only solution! Sure, for the company you hire it’s the easiest and quickest way to make some cash, but it’s certainly not a path that a technician with integrity would adopt. When in doubt, always get second opinion or ask a repair expert from Fort Lauderdale AC Pros for advice. We go the extra mile to avoid unnecessary replacements wherever possible, and only suggest it, when we’ve exhausted all our other options.


Prompt response:

Repairs cannot wait until tomorrow! Can you imagine surviving the heat, without an AC for a whole night, especially when there are small children or elderly people around? We run operations 24/7, and reach you within 15-20 minutes after you call us.

No additional fees

Diagnostics fees, trip charges, weekend fee, late night fee, convenience charges – the list goes on! But we don’t levy all that, charging instead a base fee, that assures you superior AC repair service at the lowest of prices you can find anywhere in Fort Lauderdale, FL area.

Honest service:

We won’t recommend unnecessary repairs or suggest replacements! We thrive on customer satisfaction and surviving in this industry for over two decades and winning customer trust is all down to our dedicated, committed and honest service.

Our repair services included:

  • Fixing compressor problemsFort Lauderdale AC Pros Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-357-0110
  • Condenser repairs
  • Refrigerant change
  • Air filter change
  • Leak resolution
  • Fan replacement
  • Clean up of ducts and vents
  • Thermostat repairs
  • Loose wiring fixed
  • Rusted component lubrication
  • Control malfunction resolution

Need reliable AC repair services? Look no further! Dial 954-357-0110 now!