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Considering the ruthless use we put our ACs to in Fort Lauderdale, FL area, there’s no question that regular maintenance is a must. But how many of us actually realize its importance? As a matter of fact, many home owners and business managers consider investing in air conditioner maintenance a wasted expense – but we know differently.  At Fort Lauderdale AC Pros, we believe that taking small steps to protect your investment can significantly impact how your air conditioner runs, how long it runs, and how many times it goes into repair. If you don’t want to find yourself replacing your AC unit prematurely or suffer from an unexpected breakdown in the middle of a hot afternoon, then it’s time you called 954-357-0110 to make the most of our flexible maintenance plans.


Over time, your air conditioners undergo wear and tear, eventually experiencing a gradual decline in their operational efficiency and breaking down well ahead of its prescribed life time.  Just like your automobile or your home requires a touch-up from time to time, your air conditioner does too. While most property owners refuse to acknowledge this fact, it’s hardened reality, and one that should propel you into reaching for the best maintenance service expert in your region.

Here’s an illustrious example on what happens if you do not opt for maintenance:

Fort Lauderdale AC Pros Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-357-0110One sunny morning, we received a call from a frantic business owner requesting immediate repair service. With a line-up of projects to handle that day, a non-functional AC meant losing an entire productive day. We sprang into action, and upon an assessment of the problem, we immediately knew what was wrong. The air conditioner had been through its worst, the filters were clogged, the ducts were dirt-ridden and several components rusted. But there was more; a motor capacitor had blown off due to over use and the system had shut down. Thankfully, we were able to fix it all, sort out the mess, and helped the business resume normal operations – but it wasn’t easy, and it was certainly not light on the client’s pockets

The takeaway: Poor maintenance took the blame. Had the company been more observant, the major repair could have been averted. True, AC maintenance services don’t come for free, but even if they’d paid for regular maintenance for the last three years, it wouldn’t have equaled half of what was spent for repairs. So, be wise, and make wiser choices by putting maintenance on a must-have list.


If you don’t want to end up emptying your wallet over a major repair or worse, over switching the air conditioner with a new one, then it’s time you called us in for AC maintenance.  We provide customized maintenance plans for both commercial and residential properties.

With Fort Lauderdale AC Pros, you get:

35-point diagnostic evaluation: We provide an annual/ bi-annual 35-point evaluation, wherein we thoroughly check the system for any discrepancies.

Transferable contract: Whether you shift homes and want to take the contract with you, or want to sell it to the next person moving in, our contracts can be easily transferred.

Discounted service calls: Any service call you make, you’ll have to pay only a fraction of what we charge customers who’re not in a contract with us.

Prioritized emergency service: Ran into unexpected trouble? We’ll put you first, getting there in less than 20 minutes and helping you bid adieu to your AC problems.

Subsidized repairs and parts: During inspection, if we notice an issue, we’ll fix it at a subsidized rate. In addition, any parts or spares are also provided at a discounted rate.

Can it get any better? Don’t look elsewhere in Fort Lauderdale, FL area for a viable AC maintenance plan that fits both your needs and budget. Call us on 954-357-0110!